Jewish Nannies - Jewish Nanny Search Service helps Jewish families find nannies, long term babysitters and household staff. We are a fast, economical alternative to nanny placement referral agencies.
We are the original online nanny agency. Our nanny service offers the best recruiting value and experience available.

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Jewish Nannies are professional, in-home childcare providers. They can often be an affordable alternative to daycare/childcare facilities, depending on the salary range being offered and especially if there is more than one child to be cared for. Additionally, having a nanny provide individual and experienced attention and caring to their child/children in the comfort and safety of their own home can offer many families a greater peace of mind than with daycare.
Job Description - The main role of a nanny is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which a child (children) can develop. General responsibilities include caring for a child/children and most things related to that child's care. Each nanny position may have slightly different responsibilities depending on the family requirements, the age(s) of the child/children, and other factors, but typically include such responsibilities as helping children get dressed, administering meals, cleaning up after children, helping children with schoolwork, organizing and engaging in activities with children, etc. Other requirements may or may not include light housekeeping (beyond picking up after children), transporting children to and from school/activities, preparing meals for children and/or family, grocery shopping, running errands, child and/or parents laundry, etc.

A nanny may work anywhere from a few hours/week up to 12 hours/day depending on the requirements of the family. - Israel Housekeeper search service
The service helps find good maid or housekeeper in Israel.

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